Releases involving Adam Berg

Rebecca Berg September 12th, 2017

Update: Better Way to Connect to Gmail Conversation Mode

We added a new more SIMPLE way to connect to gmail/gsuite for conversation mode. Before for gmail you had to add a forwarding address and grab a verification code, etc...Now all you need to do is login to your gmail through our connection api and you are set...ALL DONE!

If you were previously connected to gmail with conversation mode, you will need to reconnect with this new way, but no worries since it is super easy.

For users that are not gmail or gsuite hosted, you will just be the same as before in using the forwarding address :)

Rebecca Berg August 30th, 2017

Update: Template Task Boards

Woo! Now with the task boards, you can create templates to apply to other jobs.

Create your board in TASKS >> BOARDS. Keep it unassigned to a job. Now head over into any job or lead and apply to as many jobs or leads as you would like.

You can also copy a board you created in a job to the general task page!

Rebecca Berg August 25th, 2017

New Feature: Recurring Payments/Invoices

We are live with recurring payments/invoices.

Keep in mind, you cannot create these recurring payment features in proposal yet. This can currently be done in jobs or leads. Once we know we have worked out any potential bugs, then we will allow your clients to be able to choose recurring from a proposal.

What are recurring payments/invoices?
Sending your clients invoices automatically over a period of time or infinitely until ended.


Head to a job or a lead and click INVOICES.

Next click RECURRING INVOICES and then ADD to create a new recurring!

It then takes you to the page to screen to set that up.

After that click START RECURRENCE and now it will auto send to your clients.

To set up auto deductions to the invoice...

**You can only use Stripe** to set up the auto deduction or subscription like invoices. You do all the steps described above, but when your client goes to pay it, instruct them to check the auto pay future invoices tab when paying the first payment and they will never have to worry about it again!

Rebecca Berg August 4th, 2017

New Feature: Tasks Part 1

Hi there all!

We are excited for this update, not only for what is being released, but more so for what will be released in the next week or coming weeks following this update. We have begun the two step processes on revamping our todo lists. We have now called them task lists.

Now with tasks you can:

- add due dates (which adds to your calendar)
- assigning to jobs
- assigning to a user on your account
- adding files to tasks (which is prepping the way to add files to forms and such)

With the next update, we will be adding our "boards". This will create an asana / trello like interface that you are used to with the power of Dubsado behind it. With the next update (that is happening in the two weeks or so) you can add to a client portal for clients to see, receive email alerts for upcoming due dates, have boards for your tasks, and more. Like we said, this is a little update for what we have coming to this. We just wanted to get this out FIRST so we can ensure an even more successful launch of the rest!

Rebecca Berg July 7th, 2017

New Feature: Time Tracker (beta)

Tme Tracker (beta) is now released! Yipee! For those that have wanted a time tracker for a bit now, we are so happy this feature has arrived for you.

With Time Tracker you can keep track of your time on projects and charge for it too. We have made it super easy to start tracking your time. In only a few clicks you can be up and working in no time.

- Pick jobs or leads and start tracking time
- You can have these hours be billable or just for record
- You can navigate away from the page and it will still continue
- You can close the window and it will still continue

To start, click the new Time Tracker icon on your main menu.

It will then take you to the page where all your time trackings will be recorded.

To Start Recording:

STEP 1: Start typing in what you are working on. This title will show as the line item title on the invoice.
STEP 2: Pick a job or lead (you must already have an existing job or lead created) and an invoice if you'd like OR create a new invoice option.
STEP 3: Pick a price point, taxes, etc... By entering in a description (like below) it will add sync to the description of the invoice. If you are not billing for these hours, put $0 or do not fill out.

STEP 4: Click Go! Time will start as soon as you do that. You can navigate away from that page or even X out of the Dubsado window. It will only STOP when you click the stop icon here in the time tracker page!

When it is recording, there will be a little red pulse that will let you know, as you navigate away, that time is still going!

After Time is Stopped:

After the time is stopped it will filter to the cue you to apply it to invoice or keep in there to keep working on it later.

Start an Existing Time Back Up:

If you stopped a time just to pause it and you want to come back at a later time to continue, you can click the PLAY button on that line item

When it is Completed:

When you are done tracking time for that project, you can click APPLY TO INVOICE on the time tracker page to send it to the invoice

OR if you head to the job or lead and click the pending time to add.

After you do that, you can keep that invoice to send at a later time or send off right away!

Any questions, shoot us an email!

Rebecca Berg June 30th, 2017

New Feature: Zapier Integration

Zapier is a POWERFUL tool. The things it can do and the programs it can connect is quite amazing. This is why we are super happy to begin our Zapier journey. As of today, we have released two triggers that Zapier can work with.


Those are the first two points we have made our system connect with to Zapier! These are the two of the biggest things as well which is why we wanted to start with them first. Yes, of course we will be adding more endpoints for it to connect to, but baby steps, ya'll. ;)

To start ACCEPT our invite: CLICK HERE

Then, grab the API KEY in your Dubsado and enter that into Zapier.

Head to Zapier, and start your first Zap with Dubsado. Pick either new payment or new lead trigger.

Next, connect your account.

Once you click CONNECT AN ACCOUNT, it will prompt a pop-up to enter in the API key you had above! And click Yes, continue!

Now you can start creating your Zap.. Click SAVE and CONTINUE.

If you are creating a lead, you will have to create a fresh new lead just to test and pull info!
You will be prompted with an alert if needed.

If your test is successful, you can continue.

NOW you can add the action that takes place! This is the fun part. On this page you can search their hundreds of apps to connect with on the next action.

A HINT at some fun things you can do:

- Someone fills out your lead capture, send a text.
- Someone makes a payment, send an email to your husband that you are bringing home the bacon.
- Someone fills out your lead capture, add them to a Mailchimp list.

Rebecca Berg June 21st, 2017

New Feature: Multi-User Functionality

We have been building multi-user for months now. We had an original release date set, but soon realized we wanted to beef up the features quite a bit more. So we aimed it up and today we are starting the roll out of multi-user launches. It will be available on select accounts starting now and over the next few weeks.

What is multi-user? Multi-User is the ability to allow other users to access either all or certain parts of your Dubsado account.

What cool features does it have?
- 3 preset account role based permissions (The Admin, The VA, and The Accountant)


These users ONLY have access to the jobs that you assign them to. (After your user has accepted the invitation, head to a job to assign them to it)

Additionally, with basic accounts, you can toggle them being able to see the invoices and contracts.


These users only have access to the BOOKKEEPING section of Dubsado. Nothing else will show on their account.


An admin on an account has all the same permissions as you do. This is perfect for assistants or VA's.

How much multi-user cost? Multi-user is an additional fee to your account's membership. For all plans, up to 3 additional users are free.
4 - 10 users: additional $25/month
11 - 20 users: additional $45/month
21 - 30 users: additional $60/month
**if you are on a forever plan membership, you receive 30% off all additional user fees.**

Rebecca Berg June 16th, 2017

New Feature: PayPal Integration

Cue all the confetti! PayPal integration has arrived to Dubsado.

To connect PayPal as a method for your clients head to SETTINGS >> BRAND SETTINGS >> RECEIVE MONEY. There you can enter in your PayPal email (twice so we know you have the correct email) and that is all that is to it. PayPal released this new handy, super sleek way to making connecting easier than ever.

With PayPal integration, your clients have the option to pay your invoices through PayPal via credit card or PayPal account balance. Also, we have allowed PayPal connection to be used in addition to Stripe or Square connections. So if you want to give your clients the option to pay via (example) ACH / Stripe and PayPal, then you can have both connected.

The cool thing as well, if you JUST want to have PayPal connected in Dubsado is clients can pay you via regular credit card as well, but the funds get deposited into your account.

We hope this makes all your PayPal dreams come true.


We do want to make you aware, however, PayPal, for service based businesses, is not recommended in our professional opinion. Since there is no tangible proof you have delivered your service to your clients, it makes it VERY easy for your clients to file a dispute and get their money back. But if you have been using PayPal for a while and are comfortable with it, we are happy that we can provide this for you!

Rebecca Berg May 15th, 2017

New Feature: Square Integration

Long awaited Square Integration is finally here. Once connected, you can now accept payments through Dubsado via Square. To connect, head to SETTINGS >> BRAND SETTINGS and RECEIVE MONEY.

If you are already connected to Stripe, you can disconnect and then connect to Square! Click the CLICK HERE text on that page and then DISCONNECT and you'll be set.

Pick your location settings and then CONNECT WITH SQUARE.

Processing fees: 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction.

Deposit times: About 1 - 2 days. More info:

Rebecca Berg May 11th, 2017

Update: Moving Around Line Items

You can now move around line items in packages and invoices! Yay! I know this was something a lot of you were looking forward to. All you need to do is simply click and drag to move them.

Rebecca Berg May 4th, 2017

New Feature: Lead Capture Redirect

Your lead capture forms (embedded or not embedded) have the option to redirect the client filling out your form to a different webpage outside of Dubsado of your choosing!

To set this up, head to TEMPLATES >> FORMS >> and head into the lead capture section to edit to build a new one. On the right hand side, when in edit mode, you will see the redirect option. Drop that hyperlink in there. Be sure it includes the https:// or http://

Enjoy this little update!

Rebecca Berg May 2nd, 2017

Update: Appointments 1.0 is released!

We know that you all have long awaited the ability to add in additional dates to jobs. We have just added that functionality to Dubsado. We have named this appointments 1.0 since it does not tie into workflow just yet. We wanted to bring this out in phases to make sure all works well. But within your job now, you will see an APPOINTMENTS tab at the top. This will allow you to add other dates to your calendar other than just the job date!

Rebecca Berg April 21st, 2017

Update: New User Interface & Workflow Actions

We are so thrilled to be launching our new User Interface. It is cleaner, sleeker, and has ample working space with our widened pages. We can't stop lookin' at it ourselves ;)

Workflow was another thing we tackled with this update. We have added more triggers to take your automating one step further and run your business more efficiently.

New Features

  • Use workflow as your automated to-do list with triggered todos that can generate more todos or actions based on completion

  • Add a payment schedule to your workflow items so you can trigger actions based off deposits/payments being made

  • Pause a workflow

  • Send items on fixed/set dates instead of relative (ex: send email on 04/22/2017)

  • New time trigger of waiting for all previous items to be completed

Rebecca Berg March 28th, 2017

Update: Gmail Integration

Our awesome engineering team has been working around the clock the past week at Dubsado HQ to bring you a new and better way to connect your Gmail account. As we grow and expand, we love that we are still able to take the amazing advice and suggestions of our Dubsado family and deliver them to you! One such request has been Gmail integration and we are excited to announce that it is now live! With its release, you now have additional methods of securing your account and making running your business through Dubsado even easier!

For a while now, we have allowed pretty much all servers to connect into Dubsado so you can send email through our system as Gmail behaves a little differently, so with a desire to give you the quickest and secure options to choose from, we have made it so that we connect with Gmail's API. This will provide you with unmatched security options, building upon Dubsado’s already stellar security methods.

If you previously had your Gmail connected in Dubsado, go in and reconnect it using our new connection. To do this head to SETTINGS >> BRAND SETTINGS >> OUTGOING EMAILS. If you are not using Gmail, then disregard all this. ;)

We are also working our way towards getting all your Dubsado email conversations sent and received within Dubsado itself! This will be huge, no doubt, but it is not the only thing that we have planned. Stay tuned as we have lots in store for our Dubsado Family. As always, thank you for your continued trust and support!

Rebecca Berg February 22nd, 2017

New Feature: Invoices Page

We have added a new page in Dubsado to view all your invoices! :) This is perfect for a nice at a glance view of you can sort it by invoices past due!