Rebecca Berg December 23rd, 2016

Update: Bookkeeping

New Features

  • Record of Transactions

  • Adding Income

  • Adding Expenses

  • Net Profits per Job

  • .CSV Export of Transactions

  • Tax Balances and Record of Payments

  • Easy to Read Reports/Graphs


  • Apply Categories directly to invoices and packages

Rebecca Berg December 2nd, 2016

Update: Accepting ACH as a form of Payment

New Features

  • Accepting ACH as a form of Payment For more info , click here

  • Turning ACH off or on PER client if needed

  • Turning ACH off or on in the whole system

Rebecca Berg November 25th, 2016

Update: Adding Packages

New Features

  • Adding Packages. For the how to video on this feature, click here

Rebecca Berg November 16th, 2016

Update: Contracts & PDFs

New Features

Rebecca Berg November 16th, 2016

Update: Images in Emails

New Features

  • You are now able to add a photo in email

  • You are now able to add a photo in canned response

  • You are now able to add a photo in signature

Rebecca Berg October 31st, 2016

Update: Workflow 2.0

New Features

  • Conditional Triggers

  • Send Contracts

  • Send Invoices


  • Improved Workflow List

Rebecca Berg October 24th, 2016

Update: New Added Items

New Features

  • Auto-Fill Field for Current Date

  • Auto-Fill Field for Job Start and End TIME

Rebecca Berg October 12th, 2016

New Feature: The Branding Update

Guys this update is so awesome and so exciting since it brings your brand to life to your clients through Dubsado.

New Features

  • Sending FROM your email address within Dubsado (SMTP settings) click here

  • Added fonts to use in emails, forms, and contracts!


  • Adding your brand color on buttons that your client sees! click here

  • Unrelated to branding: You can now delete contracts!

Rebecca Berg September 21st, 2016

New Feature: Better Automation

Our main goal with Dubsado is to streamline your workflow. We believe in cutting down as much time as possible on business tasks so you can get back to creating. We feel ya. Which is why we are SO excited about this new update!!!

New Features


  • Revised Dashboard

  • Sending Contract and Invoice in one email


  • Better page refreshing for new info