Rebecca Berg December 5th, 2018

Update: Schedule Update - Confirmation, Cancellation and Reschedule Email Customization

Schedule Update - Confirmation, Cancellation and Reschedule Email Customization

You can now customize your auto email templates for the when the client books an appointment with you, when they cancel, and when they reschedule.  Reminder: These 3 canned emails are sent automatically and there is nothing that you need to do to send them.


Within those canned emails there are the correct smart fields for populating the appointment information. 

Rebecca Berg December 4th, 2018

Update: Scheduler Update - Added Smart Fields

Another little update to our Scheduler.  We have added smart fields for the Reschedule and Cancel buttons.  These are for the use of creating canned emails and adding them in the Scheduler as the reminders.  Before the reminders did not have these add them in now if you would like your client to be able to either of these on the reminder emails.

Hope you enjoy this update! :) 

Rebecca Berg December 3rd, 2018

Update: Scheduler Color Update

Scheduler Color Update

With this update, your brand settings color ( SETTINGS >> BRANDING ) will reflect in your scheduler as well.

So, whatever color you choose here: 

Will appear here: 

Enjoy this little update! :)

Rebecca Berg November 30th, 2018

Update: Project Modal Update

Little update to add project modal on the PROJECTS page.  Just a nice refresh to that pop up.

Rebecca Berg November 29th, 2018

Update: Invoice Bullet Point Option

You now have the option to turn off or on the bullet points in the invoice.  Before it was only bullet points when you press enter with no option to turn off.  We are excited for this update to give you the flexibility there. 

With the bullet point option turned on, every time you ENTER, it will add a bullet point.  This will not show in edit mode but it will be there upon adding the item to the invoice.

To have it without bullet points, just be sure that toggle is off and when you click enter, it will just add a space :) 

Rebecca Berg November 28th, 2018

Update: Scheduler Updates

*Minor Scheduler Updates/Fixes:*

-Scheduler calendar style was fixed for safari browsers, that is now fixed.
-Mobile view for appointment scheduler has improved.
-Reminder emails that were once not working for some are all good to go now.
-Scheduler booking page now is required so it is not missed.
-When booking appointments back to back with 0 buffer time, client can book the immediate time after.
-Client information is new viewable on the calendar overview on the dashboard (similar to clicking on the calendar tab>events)
-Cancel appointment button was moved into the “view appointment” modal
-Entire appointment title is now clickable and the view button was removed
-When user cancels appointment, a new “cancel appointment” modal appears allowing for a cancel reason

More updates for the scheduler will be coming soon.  We've been having fun planning more things for the scheduler.

Rebecca Berg November 20th, 2018

New Feature: The Dubsado Scheduler

Our most anticipated feature is here! THE DUBSADO SCHEDULER. 

With the Scheduler, you can have your clients set up appointments with you. Your clients can choose a date and time from a calendar of your available times. This will help you avoid double bookings and allowing appointments only for times that work for both you and your client.  Setting up your Scheduler template only takes but a few moments.

Great features to note:

  • Connect questionnaires, proposals and lead capture forms to the Scheduler.
  • Charge clients when booking with you.
  • Add padding time before and after the appointment
  • Set max number of appointments per day
  • Embed on your site or use as a link
  • When embedded clients can book appointment, complete proposal and pay invoice all without leaving your site.
  • Send reminder emails automatically
  • Convenient reschedule links for clients
  • Prevent booking option for a set amount of time in advance
  • and more...

Lots of great things in this feature.  Be sure to read ALL about the Scheduler here.

Rebecca Berg November 19th, 2018

Update: Increase Synced Calendar Date Span

In the past our remote calendar synced up to 200 days in advance. We have added the ability to now sync remote calendars up to 5 years in advance. Perfect for all you people booking projects years in advance!

Rebecca Berg September 28th, 2018

Update: Private Forms

We have added the ability to password protect forms.  All forms on Dubsado are secure, but anyone with the link to that form can access it.  If you wanted to add a layer of protection to the form this feature will be great for you!

****If you do not have this feature yet, it will be rolling out over the next few days to you, but we have released to the first round of accounts.*****

How to enable the form privacy setting?

By default, this all forms are "public" which means anyone with the LINK to the form can view it.  To activate the password for forms, it can be done on a TEMPLATE level or per client.  Head into EDIT that form and click SETTINGS.  At the bottom of settings, you can adjust the privacy.  Doing at a template level will make all clients enter in a password for the forms.  By changing to private on a client level, it will just be for that client and not change the template. 

How to set a password for the forms?

The password protected form feature uses the password and login info from the client portal.  To use the form password feature you must have client portals active.  If client portals are not active and your forms are set to private, your client will not be able to view their form.  

How does this change existing forms?

Nothing changes on existing forms and templates.  It will just function as you are used to.  If you would like to use this feature that is where you enable the form's privacy settings. 


Q: Can my client create their own password for the portal / forms?
A: No, not at this time.  Passwords are only set by you.

Q: Does my client have to login to their password protected for even if it is within a client portal they already logged into?
A: No, the form does not need to be unlocked again if the client has already logged into the portal.  

Q: Which forms can be private?
A: All forms have the ability to be private...Even lead capture forms.  Lead capture forms when private are STILL viewable when embedded but when completed, if set as private, a password would be needed to view.

Rebecca Berg September 25th, 2018

Update: Updated Send Contract Actions in Workflow

We have updated the SEND CONTRACT action in workflow.  You now have the option to APPLY TO PORTAL and APPLY TO PROJECT ONLY.

Here is a breakdown of all 3 options now when using the "SEND CONTRACT" action in workflow:

SEND EMAIL AND APPLY TO PORTAL - This is the regular action you are used to.  This adds it to the project and sends it, also adding it to the portal.
- New action.  This adds it only to the project and "marks sent" so it applies to the portal.  It does not send an email.
- New action.  This only adds it to the project. It does not send it or add it to the portal.  Great for adding a contract that you want to do updates on and don't to automatically send.