Rebecca Berg February 6th, 2018

New Feature: Workflow Updates


We have now added the ability to auto activate and deactivate the client portal via workflow!

Then, if you want to send them the client portal details, the next step in your workflow can be SEND EMAIL with the portal smart field in it.


It used to say "event" in the action, but we changed that to "job"


Added "after job start date" and "before job end date"

Changing Lead Status

Lastly with this update, we have added the ability for workflow for change the status of a lead when something happens :)

Hope you enjoy these workflow updates!

Rebecca Berg January 28th, 2018

Update: Task Board Updates

We have made a couple updates to the task board section of Dubsado.

1. Filtering the VIEW of boards in TASKS >> BOARDS.

2. When uploading an IMAGE in a task, you can now see the preview!

Rebecca Berg January 23rd, 2018

Update: Auto Assigning Users in Workflow Todos


In a workflow, in the creation of a todo, you can now auto-assign users / teams to that task. By doing that, come time in the workflow to trigger that todo, it will send an email alert and show up on the user's to do list!

**this will not send the reminder to you, but only to the user you assigned it to.

If you don't need to auto-assign users, you can leave that area blank.

Rebecca Berg January 18th, 2018

Update: Affiliate Dashboard

We are excited to now have an affiliate dashboard where you can create and check in on how many credits you have. To find it, click your logo or business name at the top right and the AFFILIATE.

If you do not have a code yet, you can make your code on the new affiliate page. Our affiliate program is pretty sweet. For everyday paid subscription that signs up with your code, THEY get 20% off their first month or year and YOU get a month's worth of credits (currently $25). If it is not allowing you to input the code, it is already taken. Your code can be changed, but if you do, your old one cannot be redeemed.

If you are not on a paid plan, the credits will apply when you subscribe to Dubsado.

If you are on a Forever Plan, at $100 you can request to redeem your credits. Once you do, a check will be mailed to you. Forever plans and users who do not have a subscription are the only accounts that can redeem credits in check form. Otherwise, users with Dubsado plans, it will apply to your account as account credits.

Again, this buy out sending check option is only for forever plans and users who do not have a subscription are the only accounts that can redeem credits in check form. All other users with plans, will receive Dubsado credits.

Rebecca Berg January 9th, 2018

Update: Few Updates

A few updates coming at you today!

1. Navigate to most recent email when clicking into an email stream. Before, on mobile especially, it was difficult if you had a long email thread to scroll through past replies to get to the new one. Now going to the email in Dubsado, in inbox or within the job or lead, it will scroll automatically directly to that newest reply.

2. If a recurring invoice has been selected to auto pay it will now show on the overall invoices tab within that job or lead.

3. In conversation mode, you now have the option to reply to all the original users you emailed in first email.

or you can uncheck it and keep it between just you and the main contact on the job.

Rebecca Berg January 8th, 2018

Update: Export ALL Client / Lead List

Other update coming at you today! We have added the ability to export the ENTIRE client or lead list instead of a page at a time!

To find the export, head to LEADS and at the top right EXPORT. OR ADDRESS BOOK and top right EXPORT.

Rebecca Berg January 8th, 2018

Update: Client Portal Updates

Updated some things in the client portal.

- Added the option to hide the welcome message
- Added the option to hide the logo
- Added the option to upload a mobile banner image so it is formatted how you'd like (proportions 700 x 200)
- Moved the portal options to its own tab in CURRENT BRAND SETTINGS

Rebecca Berg January 3rd, 2018

Update: Sharing Task Boards

Been excited for this update! You can now make your task boards public. This allows you to share the boards with clients in the portal or with your admins and users on your account.

How to edit settings

Only boards that are assigned to jobs or leads can be shared. To do it is simple! Once the board is added to that job or lead, click the little downward arrow and then EDIT PRIVACY SETTINGS. By default these boards are private and only YOU and your assigned teammates on the job.

Privacy Settings Options

When you edit the privacy settings, two options come up.

ADMIN & ASSIGNED USERS - The default. This is a private board that only you and your assigned teammates can view.
CLIENT PORTAL - This is a shared board with your clients. They will be able to see it in the portal. This will allow them to follow along with you and what you complete. Switching the task board to this setting will also allow them to edit and create tasks as well. Toggling settings for them is not a feature at this time. Great for collab-ing with your clients! Clients will not get an email when you assign them to a board.

Client Portal View

When you have the CLIENT PORTAL selected, the client does not get an alert. If they would like to view the board, they can login to the client portal and under DOCUMENTS of that job, the board will be there. Just send them their portal info!

Your view

You can view the status of a board under the job or lead so you always know what state a board is in.

Client Portals MUST be used to share boards with clients.

Hope you enjoy this update!

Rebecca Berg December 13th, 2017

Update: Auto Assigning Users in Lead Captures & Quick Inbox

Auto Assigning Users in Lead Captures

You can now auto assign users and teams in the SETTINGS of a lead capture form. When a client fills out your lead capture form, if you have a team member or team set to auto assign, when that lead comes in, it will add to your admin account and auto-assign it to that user/team. Cuts out a lot of work for you!

Quick Inbox

When using conversation mode, before it took about 15 mins for the email reply to be logged after the client emailed back. We have now improved those speeds to about under a minute! :)

Rebecca Berg December 6th, 2017

New Feature: Client Portal Banner Images

We have just released the update where you can add an IMAGE banner to your client portals instead of just a color. First things first, the size for the image is of the proportions 1800 x 200.

You can set a general portal banner image for all portals OR you can override that and create banner images that are client specific.

To upload your general portal banner image, head to CURRENT BRAND SETTINGS and in BRANDING you can upload your portal banner image here:

Once uploaded, it looks like this:

Now, if you did not want a general one and want client specific ones, you can override that and head to the ADDRESS BOOK on the client's profile and upload their image:

Remember, client portals are CLIENT specific so if you have multiple jobs for the client, there is only one client portal / banner image for them :) This is why the click specific banners are set in the address book. You cannot set client specific banners within a can only be done in the address book.

We have made it so that the banner images fit screens of all size and will resize to fit it!