Rebecca Berg June 21st, 2017

New Feature: Multi-User Functionality

We have been building multi-user for months now. We had an original release date set, but soon realized we wanted to beef up the features quite a bit more. So we aimed it up and today we are starting the roll out of multi-user launches. It will be available on select accounts starting now and over the next few weeks.

What is multi-user? Multi-User is the ability to allow other users to access either all or certain parts of your Dubsado account.

What cool features does it have?
- 3 preset account role based permissions (The Admin, The VA, and The Accountant)


These users ONLY have access to the jobs that you assign them to. (After your user has accepted the invitation, head to a job to assign them to it)

Additionally, with basic accounts, you can toggle them being able to see the invoices and contracts.


These users only have access to the BOOKKEEPING section of Dubsado. Nothing else will show on their account.


An admin on an account has all the same permissions as you do. This is perfect for assistants or VA's.

How much multi-user cost? Multi-user is an additional fee to your account's membership. For all plans, up to 3 additional users are free.
4 - 10 users: additional $25/month
11 - 20 users: additional $45/month
21 - 30 users: additional $60/month
**if you are on a forever plan membership, you receive 30% off all additional user fees.**

Rebecca Berg June 16th, 2017

New Feature: PayPal Integration

Cue all the confetti! PayPal integration has arrived to Dubsado.

To connect PayPal as a method for your clients head to SETTINGS >> BRAND SETTINGS >> RECEIVE MONEY. There you can enter in your PayPal email (twice so we know you have the correct email) and that is all that is to it. PayPal released this new handy, super sleek way to making connecting easier than ever.

With PayPal integration, your clients have the option to pay your invoices through PayPal via credit card or PayPal account balance. Also, we have allowed PayPal connection to be used in addition to Stripe or Square connections. So if you want to give your clients the option to pay via (example) ACH / Stripe and PayPal, then you can have both connected.

The cool thing as well, if you JUST want to have PayPal connected in Dubsado is clients can pay you via regular credit card as well, but the funds get deposited into your account.

We hope this makes all your PayPal dreams come true.


We do want to make you aware, however, PayPal, for service based businesses, is not recommended in our professional opinion. Since there is no tangible proof you have delivered your service to your clients, it makes it VERY easy for your clients to file a dispute and get their money back. But if you have been using PayPal for a while and are comfortable with it, we are happy that we can provide this for you!

Rebecca Berg May 30th, 2017

New Feature: Proposal Quantities

Proposals now have the option for your clients to choose the quantities they would like.

To add a quantity option to your proposal template, head to TEMPLATES >> FORMS and edit the proposal you would like. Now in each of the package elements you have the ability to set hard minimum and maximum quantities. Set that how you'd like (it will default 0 - 1000 if not changed). Then you can use the PACKAGE variable drop down to add the quantity box for clients to input that.

I also like the look of side by side! :)

You do not need to have that quantity box in there. If it is not there, it will just default to 1. If you want to allow your clients to choose the amount of items, then do the quantity box.


All they need to do is select the package they want and then edit the quantity if they want more. By selecting, it will default to 1 or whatever minimum quantity that you have set!

Rebecca Berg May 30th, 2017

Update: Calendar Marked As "Busy" or "Available"

You now have the ability, when in a job/lead and editing the date, to change that date to "available" or "busy" on your synced calendar. This is for the users in Dubsado who have synced calendars in our system.

When using systems like Acuity or Calendly (for example) and you have an event on your synced calendar as busy, it would not allow clients to book with you that day, BUT some events are not needed for you to be busy, so we added the option for you to mark it as available with Dubsado! :)

Rebecca Berg May 26th, 2017

Update: New Template Library

45+ FREE Templates Ready to Use!

A collection of usable resources built by users, for users.

We have handcrafted and culled some practical and customizable forms to use for inspiration, tweaking, or use as is!

With a click of a button, you easily add in industry-specific contracts, questionnaires, and proposals. Whether you are just getting a start in business or an experienced professional, you can take advantage of this power resource.

This is just another way that we are working hard to make sure that your business is running efficiently!

Rebecca Berg May 23rd, 2017

Update: New Date Picker

We have a new date picker in Dubsado! This is exciting for us. Our old one was not my fav ;) This one makes it easy for you to pick a date and select a time quickly.

Also, a new feature is the ability to create an all day event (no time event) so that you don't have to pick a time.

Lastly, when entering in an expense, no need to pick a time any more!

Rebecca Berg May 17th, 2017

Update: Moving Around Packages and Workflows

You now have the ability to move around your packages as a whole and workflows as well. This also changes the order of the packages and workflows within the drop downs when adding them to a job or lead!

Also, you can now COPY packages as a whole so if you wanted to create lots of packages that are similar, now it is easier than ever! ;)

Rebecca Berg May 15th, 2017

New Feature: Square Integration

Long awaited Square Integration is finally here. Once connected, you can now accept payments through Dubsado via Square. To connect, head to SETTINGS >> BRAND SETTINGS and RECEIVE MONEY.

If you are already connected to Stripe, you can disconnect and then connect to Square! Click the CLICK HERE text on that page and then DISCONNECT and you'll be set.

Pick your location settings and then CONNECT WITH SQUARE.

Processing fees: 2.9% + .30 cents per transaction.

Deposit times: About 1 - 2 days. More info:

Rebecca Berg May 11th, 2017

Update: Moving Around Line Items

You can now move around line items in packages and invoices! Yay! I know this was something a lot of you were looking forward to. All you need to do is simply click and drag to move them.

Rebecca Berg May 4th, 2017

New Feature: Lead Capture Redirect

Your lead capture forms (embedded or not embedded) have the option to redirect the client filling out your form to a different webpage outside of Dubsado of your choosing!

To set this up, head to TEMPLATES >> FORMS >> and head into the lead capture section to edit to build a new one. On the right hand side, when in edit mode, you will see the redirect option. Drop that hyperlink in there. Be sure it includes the https:// or http://

Enjoy this little update!