Rebecca Berg July 20th, 2017

New Feature: Forms Updates and Easy Package Add-ons

Got a few updates for you today!

1. Changing the fonts/styling for all questions within a form.

You can already change it in the text boxes, but now you can change the questions to match! This is perfect for keeping those forms customized to your brand AND for lead capture forms that need to have different color fonts.

You can change the font in any form under the SETTINGS TAB

We do understand that some want the ability to change these globally, but if you have kept up with our releases so far, we love to release a little part and then fine tune it so it functions great. ;)

2. Navigating away in edit mode

You can no longer navigate away from a form while in edit mode. Accidentally press backspace while not in a field and it takes you to the page prior and you didn't save your work? NO PROBLEM. You cannot do that anymore because you will get this alert:

We have also not allowed the ability to navaigate out of a text box edit window without pressing close (saving the changes). :)

3. Building Packages in Edit Mode

WOO! SO thrilled about this one. Before when building a proposal, you needed to have all your packages already set up. Now you can build packages on the fly. You don't even have to go to the package page if you didn't want to, you can do it all through the proposal process.

A really cool idea for this as well, is the ability to customize proposals per client as well. So now you can add your template to a job or lead and when you click edit you can add any packages, discounts or whatever you need to on there as well with this feature.

Within the package element in proposals, there is now a CREATE NEW PACKAGE OPTION:

By clicking that button it opens the package modal where you can name it and then start adding new line items. By clicking SAVE & APPLY it saves it to your template packages as well as that proposal. By clicking APPLY, it just adds it to that proposal.

Hope you enjoy these updates!