Rebecca Berg March 12th, 2018

New Feature: Uploading PDF's to Templates

Very small but large change to the templates page today! We have added the ability to upload PDF's under the questionnaire area. This is great for those PDF's that you wanted to send in Dubsado instead of attaching manually each time. Now you can save those within the system and send just like you would a form.

Important Details:

Due to the nature of the other form types, the PDF uploader will only be available in QUESTIONNAIRES :)

PDf's that are uploaded need to stay under 5mb to upload into Dubsado.

Now keep in mind, by uploading your PDF here, this does not make it editable or give the client the ability to fill it in. If you want your forms editable or have the ability for your clients to fill out, it would need to be re-entered in as a Dubsado form (don't forget, we help enter in up to 10 forms in for you for free. Just email them over to us). But this added feature is perfect for those informational PDF docs.

It uploads as the saved NAME of the PDF. Once uploaded, you cannot edit the name.

How to send PDF's through Dubsado:

To send a PDF through Dubsado, it is just like a regular form. Once the PDF is uploaded to Dubsado, head to the job or lead and under the form dropdown you can pick your PDF template there.

You can also send them through workflow using the SEND FORM option!