Rebecca Berg November 28th, 2018

Update: Scheduler Updates

*Minor Scheduler Updates/Fixes:*

-Scheduler calendar style was fixed for safari browsers, that is now fixed.
-Mobile view for appointment scheduler has improved.
-Reminder emails that were once not working for some are all good to go now.
-Scheduler booking page now is required so it is not missed.
-When booking appointments back to back with 0 buffer time, client can book the immediate time after.
-Client information is new viewable on the calendar overview on the dashboard (similar to clicking on the calendar tab>events)
-Cancel appointment button was moved into the “view appointment” modal
-Entire appointment title is now clickable and the view button was removed
-When user cancels appointment, a new “cancel appointment” modal appears allowing for a cancel reason

More updates for the scheduler will be coming soon.  We've been having fun planning more things for the scheduler.