Rebecca Berg February 27th, 2019

New Feature: Multiple Links in an Email

Birthday Feature Day 3: Multiple Links in Emails

We are excited for today's feature of multiple links in emails.  This was a requested feature for a little while and we are happy it is here.  

Why is this feature so exciting?  Well, before, if you had multiple forms that you wanted to send in an couldn't since that form link smart field only picked the form you actually clicked send on.  This feature allows you to add multiple forms, appointment schedulers, invoices, contracts, sub-agreements...all in one email.  

How to add these links to your email

To add these links to your email, head to a PROJECT and add the forms, invoices, contract, appointments, etc.. whatever you are wanting to add to the email... add that to the project FIRST.  Once everything is added, click SEND EMAIL on the email tab of that project.  Next click the square icon on that email pop up: 


This pop up will show ONLY the items that you added to the project.  

Note: This works on projects only at the moment.  We will be adding this to workflows soon!

Any questions, please feel free to shoot us an email and we are happy to help!