Rebecca Berg January 3rd, 2019

Update: New Workflow Addition

We added a GREAT workflow addition today!

Approve Before Sending  

(insert happy dance) This is an exciting one.  Now you can approve actions before they send to your clients. Approving before sending allows you to edit any items in that action before it sends.  If all looks well you can approve it.  If you don't approve right away, when it comes time for that action to trigger, you will receive an email alert reminding you to approve that action.  There will also be a dashboard alert under the RECENT section letting you know which actions still need approval.  You need to set it up in order for this to happen.  Read below on how to do that!

To set up:

Approve before sending in a workflow is available on the following actions:
- send email
- send form
- send contract
- send primary invoice
- create invoice
- send appointment scheduler

When clicking into these actions, if you'd like to have approve before sending on, check the box!

5c2e9fb7b351b_Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 3.24.21 PM.png

How to approve actions:

You can approve actions as soon as you apply the workflow, even before it triggers so it can flawlessly send.  

5c2e9d534aec3_Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 3.39.46 PM.png

OR, if you choose to wait for that action to "trigger" you receive an email and dashboard alert reminder.  It will NOT send until approve the action if you have that "approve before sending" on that action.

The dashboard alert:

5c2e9c902ffce_Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 3.29.47 PM.png

When you click through the dashboard alert, it brings you to a page with all the triggered pending posts.

5c2e9ca5dbdad_Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 3.30.05 PM.png

When that action is triggered for approval, in addition to the dash alert, you get an email:

5c2e9ccc1953b_Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 3.30.35 PM.png

Super exciting.  Let us know if you have any questions! :)