Rebecca Berg June 21st, 2017

New Feature: Multi-User Functionality

We have been building multi-user for months now. We had an original release date set, but soon realized we wanted to beef up the features quite a bit more. So we aimed it up and today we are starting the roll out of multi-user launches. It will be available on select accounts starting now and over the next few weeks.

What is multi-user? Multi-User is the ability to allow other users to access either all or certain parts of your Dubsado account.

What cool features does it have?
- 3 preset account role based permissions (The Admin, The VA, and The Accountant)


These users ONLY have access to the jobs that you assign them to. (After your user has accepted the invitation, head to a job to assign them to it)

Additionally, with basic accounts, you can toggle them being able to see the invoices and contracts.


These users only have access to the BOOKKEEPING section of Dubsado. Nothing else will show on their account.


An admin on an account has all the same permissions as you do. This is perfect for assistants or VA's.

How much multi-user cost? Multi-user is an additional fee to your account's membership. For all plans, up to 3 additional users are free.
4 - 10 users: additional $25/month
11 - 20 users: additional $45/month
21 - 30 users: additional $60/month
**if you are on a forever plan membership, you receive 30% off all additional user fees.**