Rebecca Berg January 4th, 2019

Update: New Workflow Action: Workflow Triggering Another Workflow

New Workflow Action: Start a Workflow

On a roll with the workflow updates lately.  New today is the action of a workflow triggering another workflow. This allows you to add an action in workflow A to trigger workflow B on that project.


In the workflow template, click ADD ACTION.  From there you can add the "Start A Workflow" action and choose the workflow you want to start.  

5c2fe8f343980_Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 3.14.00 PM.png

Any questions, feel free to chat or email us!

Few things to note about using workflows and our newly launched feature:
- The new workflow does not add to the job until that action "Start A Workflow" has triggered.
- You cannot apply the same or duplicate workflows to one project.  They have to be different workflows.
- When you have multiple workflow template applied, they do not talk to each other.  Example, if you send a form in workflow A, you cannot trigger an email to send when form is completed in workflow B. 
- If you want to review the additional workflow being applied before it starts sending things, use our newly launched APPROVE BEFORE SENDING feature on the first actions of that additional workflow.