Rebecca Berg May 2nd, 2018

Update: Workflow Bulk Update

We have just added the ability to bulk update workflows that are already applied to jobs.  Now when you update the template workflow, you have the option to update it on jobs / leads the workflow is already applied to.  Adding actions, deleting actions, editing emails, etc... Once you make any edit to the TEMPLATE workflow a "Update Job Workflows" button will appear.  When this button is clicked, it will bulk update all jobs and leads with that workflow on it with your new changes. 

Once you click that button a prompt will allow you to approve those new changes.  Once the changes are applied they cannot be undone. 

As of May 2nd: This feature has only been rolled out to about 10% of you and over the course of the next few days will be released to all.

- Any *new* actions that are added into the workflow template to bulk update, will add to the end of the workflow.  
- Any actions that are already completed in an applied job will not change.