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Rebecca Berg February 7th, 2019

Update: Custom Time Increments

With this update you now have the ability to display your scheduler in custom time increments.

What are time increments? 
Time increments are how your availability is displayed.  It has nothing to do with the length or duration of the appointment times, just how it would be displayed for the client to book.  For example, if I have set for the time increment to be 15mins.  The times would display at 9:00, 9:15, 9:30, etc... 

With this update...
So with this update, instead of the past set increments of 15, 30 and 60 mins, you have the ability to have the scheduler display the times in increments from 5 mins - 120 mins.  

Rebecca Berg January 23rd, 2019

Update: Rearranging Forms in a Project

You can now rearrange the order of forms from within a project.  Changing the order of forms on the project reflects these changes within the client portal under the projects section.  (This does not change the home page on the portal.  The home page shows most recently added and incomplete)

To change the order, click and drag the form from within the project to the space you'd like it to be in.  
Rebecca Berg January 11th, 2019

Update: Monthly View for the Scheduler

It has been so fun adding exciting updates to the Scheduler since our launch in November.  Today's fun scheduler update is an added monthly view.   We are thrilled that now you have the option to choose how your client will see your scheduler you set up.

This is applied on a template level by the user. When it is switched on, it will default to previewing the times for the first available date on the right hand side. If there are no available days/times for the client to select, it will show a brief message noting that there are no times available next to the calendar.

To change your scheduler view to the new monthly view, head to the ADVANCED SETTINGS in your template and turn ON the monthly view.

Any questions, feel free to email or chat us!  We are always happy to help!

Rebecca Berg January 10th, 2019

Update: Couple Updates

  1. Canned emails can now be copied.  To do so, click the copy button! 

  2. When editing a package in TEMPLATES >> PACKAGES you now have the option to update the package on the proposal template it is applied to. (Note: this does not change any packages on proposals that have already been added into a project.  It will only update your proposal template).

Rebecca Berg January 4th, 2019

Update: New Workflow Action: Workflow Triggering Another Workflow

New Workflow Action: Start a Workflow

On a roll with the workflow updates lately.  New today is the action of a workflow triggering another workflow. This allows you to add an action in workflow A to trigger workflow B on that project.

In the workflow template, click ADD ACTION.  From there you can add the "Start A Workflow" action and choose the workflow you want to start.  

Any questions, feel free to chat or email us!

Few things to note about using workflows and our newly launched feature:
- The new workflow does not add to the job until that action "Start A Workflow" has triggered.
- You cannot apply the same or duplicate workflows to one project.  They have to be different workflows.
- When you have multiple workflow template applied, they do not talk to each other.  Example, if you send a form in workflow A, you cannot trigger an email to send when form is completed in workflow B. 
- If you want to review the additional workflow being applied before it starts sending things, use our newly launched APPROVE BEFORE SENDING feature on the first actions of that additional workflow.

Rebecca Berg January 3rd, 2019

Update: New Workflow Addition

We added a GREAT workflow addition today!

Approve Before Sending  

(insert happy dance) This is an exciting one.  Now you can approve actions before they send to your clients. Approving before sending allows you to edit any items in that action before it sends.  If all looks well you can approve it.  If you don't approve right away, when it comes time for that action to trigger, you will receive an email alert reminding you to approve that action.  There will also be a dashboard alert under the RECENT section letting you know which actions still need approval.  You need to set it up in order for this to happen.  Read below on how to do that!

To set up:

Approve before sending in a workflow is available on the following actions:
- send email
- send form
- send contract
- send primary invoice
- create invoice
- send appointment scheduler

When clicking into these actions, if you'd like to have approve before sending on, check the box!

How to approve actions:

You can approve actions as soon as you apply the workflow, even before it triggers so it can flawlessly send.  

OR, if you choose to wait for that action to "trigger" you receive an email and dashboard alert reminder.  It will NOT send until approve the action if you have that "approve before sending" on that action.

The dashboard alert:

When you click through the dashboard alert, it brings you to a page with all the triggered pending posts.

When that action is triggered for approval, in addition to the dash alert, you get an email:

Super exciting.  Let us know if you have any questions! :)

    Rebecca Berg January 2nd, 2019

    Update: Time Mapping on Forms

    We recently added the ability to map times in addition to the job dates on forms.  This is completely separate to the scheduler and just a simple date question you add on the form.  My mapping it to the job start or end date, it will have an option for the client to pick a time.  It does not block that time out for others (use the scheduler if you want it to do that).  So if you just needed a simple way to ask a client for a date and time and have it map, here you are! 

    If you wish for that date select to not show a time, change the mapping to just JOB DATE...

    Rebecca Berg December 21st, 2018

    Update: Workflow Updates: Added Action and Trigger

    We have added two workflow updates for you today.  One action and one trigger.  

    Archive Project Action

    We added the new action of archiving a project a certain point, most likely at the very end of a workflow since archiving a project pauses a workflow.  

      Conditional Logic in Workflow (Forms)

      We will be adding conditional logic to more areas in workflows, but we are first starting with forms.  With conditional form logic, you can now trigger an action to happen if a form has not been filled out.  The form first needs to be added into your workflow in order for you to look at it and watch for it to not be completed. The form MUST be sent/triggered within that workflow to use conditional logic on it.  


      Rebecca Berg December 17th, 2018

      Update: Updates - Editing Packages and Calendar Sync for Multi Users

      • You can now edit packages within a proposal.  Before when you added the package, it could not be edited. That's all changed now! ;) 
        No more back and forth. You can edit all contents of a package directly within the proposal you’ve applied to a project. There is an “Edit” button on the top right when clicking on the package
      • We have moved where you sync your calendar. Now you can click CALENDAR on the main menu and then sync on that page. Since we moved it, now multi-users can sync their own calendar.
      Rebecca Berg December 12th, 2018

      Update: Scheduler Update - Timezones and Workflow

      Two great updates for you today!  

      1. Appointment times are now reflected in the client’s time zone when they are selecting an appointment, on reminder emails, and on confirmation emails. Everything will be geared in their timezone they booked in.  
      2. Workflow trigger dates are now adjusted when an appointment is rescheduled.  In the workflow, if a client reschedules, any actions that you had looking at the appointment will now adjust in date.  
      Rebecca Berg December 5th, 2018

      Update: Schedule Update - Confirmation, Cancellation and Reschedule Email Customization

      Schedule Update - Confirmation, Cancellation and Reschedule Email Customization

      You can now customize your auto email templates for the when the client books an appointment with you, when they cancel, and when they reschedule.  Reminder: These 3 canned emails are sent automatically and there is nothing that you need to do to send them.

      To customize, head to TEMPLATES >> CANNED EMAILS >> EDIT TEMPLATES 

      Within those canned emails there are the correct smart fields for populating the appointment information. 

      Rebecca Berg December 4th, 2018

      Update: Scheduler Update - Added Smart Fields

      Another little update to our Scheduler.  We have added smart fields for the Reschedule and Cancel buttons.  These are for the use of creating canned emails and adding them in the Scheduler as the reminders.  Before the reminders did not have these add them in now if you would like your client to be able to either of these on the reminder emails.

      Hope you enjoy this update! :) 

      Rebecca Berg December 3rd, 2018

      Update: Scheduler Color Update

      Scheduler Color Update

      With this update, your brand settings color ( SETTINGS >> BRANDING ) will reflect in your scheduler as well.

      So, whatever color you choose here: 

      Will appear here: 

      Enjoy this little update! :)

      Rebecca Berg November 30th, 2018

      Update: Project Modal Update

      Little update to add project modal on the PROJECTS page.  Just a nice refresh to that pop up.

      Rebecca Berg November 29th, 2018

      Update: Invoice Bullet Point Option

      You now have the option to turn off or on the bullet points in the invoice.  Before it was only bullet points when you press enter with no option to turn off.  We are excited for this update to give you the flexibility there. 

      With the bullet point option turned on, every time you ENTER, it will add a bullet point.  This will not show in edit mode but it will be there upon adding the item to the invoice.

      To have it without bullet points, just be sure that toggle is off and when you click enter, it will just add a space :)