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Rebecca Berg April 16th, 2018

New Feature: Workflow Overview Chart

To say we are excited for this is an understatement.  WE ARE THRILLED to launch workflow overview today.  Workflow overview allows you to see your workflows at a glance.  For example, this is my branding workflow.

To get to the overview view, click into TEMPLATES >> WORKFLOW and click VIEW to view that workflow overview:

OR you can go into a job or lead and under WORKFLOW there, you can view all jobs/leads on that workflow:

Once clicked, it will pull up with the overview.

I can easily see at a glance ALL my jobs on that workflow.  What is nice about this feature is the ability to see at a glance what is paused / active, what has been completed, in progress, or what actions might have failed to run.  

From this view you can check off to do actions:

You can also hover over the actions to get more info about them and click incomplete actions to force them or do more actions:
We have optimized it for LARGE workflows as well.  As an example, I shrunk my screen to show you.  With long workflows both horizontally and vertically, you will always know what you are looking at since the X and Y axis are always in view.


This feature is ONLY available on workflows applied from the last week of March and on.  Any workflow applied before that will not show in the overview.  A work around for that would be to reapply the workflow and mark completed the actions that have already been completed.  

Rebecca Berg April 4th, 2018

New Feature: White Labeling your URL in Dubsado

The ultimate customization in Dubsado is here.  White labeling is now launched! 

What is White Labeling?

White labeling is the ability to change the domain from Dubsado's domain to yours.  For example when you send an invoice or form etc... in Dubsado instead of it saying in the URL it can say (for example)  Pretty neat, huh?

We have all the how to on getting that set up in your account here

If you don't see it launched in your account yet hang tight as this is rolling out to accounts over the next few days!

Rebecca Berg March 16th, 2018

New Feature: Custom Mapped Fields

Custom mapped fields make Dubsado YOUR system. You can add in fields that are relevant to your business so always the best most pertinent information showing in the job or client.

To start, add in your custom fields under TEMPLATES >> CUSTOM MAPPED FIELD

On the Custom Mapped Field page click CREATE in the section you'd like to add the field.

CLIENT tab - this is for Custom Fields that only pertain to the client. For example, if you have a client that has multiple jobs with you, this client info will show with each job since it is tied to the client. Perfect for client birthday's, other social media info, how many kids they have, etc...

JOB tab - this is for the Custom Fields that only pertain to the job. This info will only stick on the job and is not tied to the client. Perfect for project or job specific information. Examples might be second job locations, etc...

When adding the custom field, you can type in the title for it, and what it will be short answer or date.

Short Answer - maps to the short answer fields

Date - maps only to date fields.

How to use:

You can intake information on contracts, sub-agreements, questionnaires, proposals, and lead capture forms. In all these forms, you can use short answer or date fields to map your new information. So when the client fills out this info on the form, it will pull that info also into the job or client.

This is a sample form that was filled out with my custom mapped fields:

Now when the client submits the form it will pull into the job like this:

If you have other custom fields that were added in your TEMPLATE >> CUSTOM MAPPED FIELD area, they will not show in the job or client UNTIL THEY ARE FILLED IN. This helps reduce clutter and unnecessary fields. For example here: MAKE was not a question in my questionnaire. Since it was not filled in, it will not show up in the list on the job until filled in. If you would like to manually fill in the field yourself, you can click EDIT on that section and add:

You can do the same with the client details.

Using the {{ Smart Fields }}

When you add in a mappable field, it also creates a smart field for it so you can have it auto-fill in emails or elsewhere in forms.

***Note, do not change the text within the variable or smart field. If it is changed, the variable will not be valid!***


- I would NOTE create a smart field for EVERYTHING. Only keep the most relevant information you want to be easily seen.
- You can only map short answer and date fields.
- Do not edit or change a smart field's text in any way.

Rebecca Berg March 14th, 2018

New Feature: Office Hours

"Office hours" is here! (launched only on a small percentage of accounts and will be adding to more and more everyday). Office hours is a simple tool that will only allow emails to send in workflow during the time that you set. You let Dubsado know when your office hours are... say 9am - 5pm and it will only send workflow emails at that time. Any workflow emails there were to send during the off hours will be held until 9am the next morning.

It is simple to set up too! Head on over to TEMPLATES >> WORKFLOWS. Right on that workflows page you can find the set office hours text. Click that to set them!

And then you can set the hours you want your workflow to work:


- There is not a setting for weekends currently.
- These office hours are ONLY for workflows.
- This features has ONLY been rolled out to a small percentage of users, and will continue to release to more and more everyday!

Rebecca Berg March 12th, 2018

New Feature: Uploading PDF's to Templates

Very small but large change to the templates page today! We have added the ability to upload PDF's under the questionnaire area. This is great for those PDF's that you wanted to send in Dubsado instead of attaching manually each time. Now you can save those within the system and send just like you would a form.

Important Details:

Due to the nature of the other form types, the PDF uploader will only be available in QUESTIONNAIRES :)

PDf's that are uploaded need to stay under 5mb to upload into Dubsado.

Now keep in mind, by uploading your PDF here, this does not make it editable or give the client the ability to fill it in. If you want your forms editable or have the ability for your clients to fill out, it would need to be re-entered in as a Dubsado form (don't forget, we help enter in up to 10 forms in for you for free. Just email them over to us). But this added feature is perfect for those informational PDF docs.

It uploads as the saved NAME of the PDF. Once uploaded, you cannot edit the name.

How to send PDF's through Dubsado:

To send a PDF through Dubsado, it is just like a regular form. Once the PDF is uploaded to Dubsado, head to the job or lead and under the form dropdown you can pick your PDF template there.

You can also send them through workflow using the SEND FORM option!

Rebecca Berg March 5th, 2018

New Feature: White Labeling - Part 1

This is part one of our White Labeling Release. With part one, you can change the favicon, window name, and preview text when pasting into Facebook and such. To access this new feature head to CURRENT BRAND SETTINGS >> URL.

What it looks like live on contracts, invoices, portals,etc:

When the link is pasted in social sites:

This is a great branding feature as your logo will be at the window of any form, invoice, contract, client portal, etc... Dubsado's name will not be up at the top anymore.

***Note: This release is not launching the domain portion of the white labeling. That will be coming with part two and that will be launching soon! :) ***

Rebecca Berg February 12th, 2018

Update: Workflow Update Part 3 - Creating Invoices in Workflow

Continuing on with our workflow updates from last week. We have just added the ability to CREATE an invoice within a workflow. Before, you were only able to send an invoice via workflow once you have created the invoice in the job. But lots of users wanted the ability to create and invoice and send with the workflow without doing ANY work. This is perfect for those people who need to send an invoice ASAP right after a lead capture form is filled out and many other things...

We have created a new workflow action called "CREATE INVOICE"

You can add line items manually or select from packages. You are also given the ability to apply a template payment schedule to it.

Send Email with Invoice option

By leaving this unchecked, it DOES NOT send an email to your clients. It only creates the invoice and adds it to the job or lead. By checking that box, you are prompted with the email to send with the invoice and checked it will send an email to your clients.

Sending the Primary Invoice

Now if the old way of sending invoices via workflow worked for you, we still have that option on there if you need it.

Rebecca Berg February 8th, 2018

New Feature: Workflow Updates Part 2

Some more workflow updates coming at you today!

Sending Forms to the Portal in Workflow

Now in workflow you can send forms via email, send forms to the portal, or just add the form to the job/lead without even sending.

SEND EMAIL AND APPLY TO PORTAL - This is the usual old action where it sends the form and sends it to the portal
APPLY TO PORTAL - This does not send an email, but only applies to the portal.
APPLY TO JOB ONLY - This does not send an email or send it to the portal. This only adds to the job for your view.

Rebecca Berg February 6th, 2018

New Feature: Workflow Updates


We have now added the ability to auto activate and deactivate the client portal via workflow!

Then, if you want to send them the client portal details, the next step in your workflow can be SEND EMAIL with the portal smart field in it.


It used to say "event" in the action, but we changed that to "job"


Added "after job start date" and "before job end date"

Changing Lead Status

Lastly with this update, we have added the ability for workflow for change the status of a lead when something happens :)

Hope you enjoy these workflow updates!

Rebecca Berg January 28th, 2018

Update: Task Board Updates

We have made a couple updates to the task board section of Dubsado.

1. Filtering the VIEW of boards in TASKS >> BOARDS.

2. When uploading an IMAGE in a task, you can now see the preview!

Rebecca Berg January 23rd, 2018

Update: Auto Assigning Users in Workflow Todos


In a workflow, in the creation of a todo, you can now auto-assign users / teams to that task. By doing that, come time in the workflow to trigger that todo, it will send an email alert and show up on the user's to do list!

**this will not send the reminder to you, but only to the user you assigned it to.

If you don't need to auto-assign users, you can leave that area blank.

Rebecca Berg January 18th, 2018

Update: Affiliate Dashboard

We are excited to now have an affiliate dashboard where you can create and check in on how many credits you have. To find it, click your logo or business name at the top right and the AFFILIATE.

If you do not have a code yet, you can make your code on the new affiliate page. Our affiliate program is pretty sweet. For everyday paid subscription that signs up with your code, THEY get 20% off their first month or year and YOU get a month's worth of credits (currently $25). If it is not allowing you to input the code, it is already taken. Your code can be changed, but if you do, your old one cannot be redeemed.

If you are not on a paid plan, the credits will apply when you subscribe to Dubsado.

If you are on a Forever Plan, at $100 you can request to redeem your credits. Once you do, a check will be mailed to you. Forever plans and users who do not have a subscription are the only accounts that can redeem credits in check form. Otherwise, users with Dubsado plans, it will apply to your account as account credits.

Again, this buy out sending check option is only for forever plans and users who do not have a subscription are the only accounts that can redeem credits in check form. All other users with plans, will receive Dubsado credits.

Rebecca Berg January 9th, 2018

Update: Few Updates

A few updates coming at you today!

1. Navigate to most recent email when clicking into an email stream. Before, on mobile especially, it was difficult if you had a long email thread to scroll through past replies to get to the new one. Now going to the email in Dubsado, in inbox or within the job or lead, it will scroll automatically directly to that newest reply.

2. If a recurring invoice has been selected to auto pay it will now show on the overall invoices tab within that job or lead.

3. In conversation mode, you now have the option to reply to all the original users you emailed in first email.

or you can uncheck it and keep it between just you and the main contact on the job.

Rebecca Berg January 8th, 2018

Update: Export ALL Client / Lead List

Other update coming at you today! We have added the ability to export the ENTIRE client or lead list instead of a page at a time!

To find the export, head to LEADS and at the top right EXPORT. OR ADDRESS BOOK and top right EXPORT.

Rebecca Berg January 8th, 2018

Update: Client Portal Updates

Updated some things in the client portal.

- Added the option to hide the welcome message
- Added the option to hide the logo
- Added the option to upload a mobile banner image so it is formatted how you'd like (proportions 700 x 200)
- Moved the portal options to its own tab in CURRENT BRAND SETTINGS