Releases involving Rebecca Berg

Rebecca Berg May 4th, 2017

New Feature: Form Completion Alerts

You now have the option to change the alert that your client sees when submitting contracts or forms. It used to be just a standard YAY! message.

To change the alert, go to edit the form and on the side you will see the options to change. If it is left blank, it is the default, but if you add your own, it will use that!

This is done on a per form basis, so it can be different for every form!

This is a breakdown of how it looks when creating it!

Rebecca Berg May 2nd, 2017

Update: Appointments 1.0 is released!

We know that you all have long awaited the ability to add in additional dates to jobs. We have just added that functionality to Dubsado. We have named this appointments 1.0 since it does not tie into workflow just yet. We wanted to bring this out in phases to make sure all works well. But within your job now, you will see an APPOINTMENTS tab at the top. This will allow you to add other dates to your calendar other than just the job date!

Rebecca Berg April 24th, 2017

Update: Dashboard Calendar Sync & "New" Lead Filter

We have now added the ability to have calendar synced events to show up in the dashboard.

Also, we have added a new funnel in the leads section for NEW leads :)

Rebecca Berg April 21st, 2017

Update: New User Interface & Workflow Actions

We are so thrilled to be launching our new User Interface. It is cleaner, sleeker, and has ample working space with our widened pages. We can't stop lookin' at it ourselves ;)

Workflow was another thing we tackled with this update. We have added more triggers to take your automating one step further and run your business more efficiently.

New Features

  • Use workflow as your automated to-do list with triggered todos that can generate more todos or actions based on completion

  • Add a payment schedule to your workflow items so you can trigger actions based off deposits/payments being made

  • Pause a workflow

  • Send items on fixed/set dates instead of relative (ex: send email on 04/22/2017)

  • New time trigger of waiting for all previous items to be completed

Rebecca Berg April 8th, 2017

Update: Lead Capture Improved Speeds

We have dramatically improved lead capture speeds on your website!

Rebecca Berg April 2nd, 2017

Update: Moving Around Workflow Items

This is leading into the other goodness we have coming to workflows, but to start, we are releasing the ability to move around workflow items. This is perfect if you want to get them in the right order! ;)

Moving actions can be done in the lead / job mode or when editing a template workflow.

Rebecca Berg March 30th, 2017

Update: Canned Emails & Deleting Emails

We did a little update. You can now edit the auto response that gets sent out when a client has signed a contract. Before it was a standard canned email that went out. To change that, just head to TEMPLATES >> CANNED EMAILS >> EDIT TEMPLATES >> Contract Completed

Also, if you needed to delete an email from a client's account, you can do that now as well. Just click the little trash can!

Rebecca Berg March 28th, 2017

Update: Gmail Integration

Our awesome engineering team has been working around the clock the past week at Dubsado HQ to bring you a new and better way to connect your Gmail account. As we grow and expand, we love that we are still able to take the amazing advice and suggestions of our Dubsado family and deliver them to you! One such request has been Gmail integration and we are excited to announce that it is now live! With its release, you now have additional methods of securing your account and making running your business through Dubsado even easier!

For a while now, we have allowed pretty much all servers to connect into Dubsado so you can send email through our system as Gmail behaves a little differently, so with a desire to give you the quickest and secure options to choose from, we have made it so that we connect with Gmail's API. This will provide you with unmatched security options, building upon Dubsado’s already stellar security methods.

If you previously had your Gmail connected in Dubsado, go in and reconnect it using our new connection. To do this head to SETTINGS >> BRAND SETTINGS >> OUTGOING EMAILS. If you are not using Gmail, then disregard all this. ;)

We are also working our way towards getting all your Dubsado email conversations sent and received within Dubsado itself! This will be huge, no doubt, but it is not the only thing that we have planned. Stay tuned as we have lots in store for our Dubsado Family. As always, thank you for your continued trust and support!

Rebecca Berg March 21st, 2017

Update: Workflow Send Now & Form Titles

If a workflow action didn't send due to the time passing or whatnot, and you would like to manually send it, now you can just click SEND NOW and it will resend that action.

Also, now when you receive a notification in Dubsado and click on that form notification it informs you where this form belongs and link to the job/lead or client. It additionally gives the option to print a PDF from that page!

(contracts will lead to a different page to allow for counter signing!)

Rebecca Berg March 17th, 2017

New Feature: Forms List

If you have ever just wanted an easy way to see all forms and if they have been sent or completed, this is going to be a fun update for you!

Head to the left side bar and click FORMS LIST to view this awesome update and nice form overview!

Rebecca Berg March 17th, 2017

Update: 3 Even Columns

3 Even Columns are here! This is perfect for proposals when you want to show off your pricing. We are excited to allow just a little more flexibly to forms!

Rebecca Berg March 17th, 2017

New Feature: Code Block for Forms

You can now add an HTML code block to questionnaires, lead capture, and proposals. This will allow you to insert custom code to that block, embedded videos and other code, etc... The possibilities are endless. Code to your hearts content.

Rebecca Berg March 9th, 2017

Update: .CSV Added Back on Leads Page

On an update on the leads page a little bit ago we had to take out the .CSV exporter, but now it is back. Woo!

Rebecca Berg March 9th, 2017

Bugfix: Updated Text Box Element

Our old text box had a few formatting errors, but this new updated one should fix that! :)

- Fixed colors not staying
- Fixed fonts reverting
- Improved Font Size Picker

Rebecca Berg March 8th, 2017

Update: Added Mapped Feilds

Added mapped fields on lead capture forms. Company name, more address lines, etc... We are making our way to getting those CUSTOM mapped fields for you in all forms. But for now, enjoy this little update in the lead capture.